Ultimate Blessing

The original Ultimate Blessing service designed by TT
as a new 24h Always-On best friend you can always rely on
to send you telepathic process assistance.
No intention required!
This is a sister service to the unprecedented Clear Me clearing services.

What we do

We noticed that there is a tremendous amount of suffering in the world.
We wanted to help. 🆘

Since our work at C 1st delivered astounding technology to resolve problems at their root via conscious intent, we decided to use it to help people like you directly.
Now we make issues a thing of the past.

The Ultimate Blessing service is designed to telepathically assist you to resolve the various current processes you are working on either consciously or subconsciously.

This service uses our most up to date and comprehensive protocol that has been programmed to go to work as soon as you complete the purchase.
It also includes assistance from any and all conscious beings with whom you resonate, be it Angels, Fairies, Ascended Masters, Elementals, Plants, Animals and Crystals.

Some examples of conscious processes would be:
  • Performance anxiety
  • Relationship issues
  • Sense of deprivation
Some examples of subconscious processes would be:
  • Guilt over past experiences
  • Patterns in any area of life
  • Traumas from other lifetimes you are still reacting to.

With this service, no intention is required (intentless!). The protocol will automagically seek out the active processes and help you complete them.

DISCLAIMER We do not provide medical procedures, we can't fix your broken bones or stitch you up.

Venmo $99

Immediate Help

Once payment is received, your accelerated process begins.


  1. Make Payment
  2. Focus on your breath for 10 seconds, then go have some fun
  3. Experience the difference
Know that your issue(s) are resolving as quickly as they can.

PayPal $99

How good could you feel?

How much better would life be if you didn't feel stressed, stuck or have that heavy feeling in the pit of your stomach?


  1. Make Payment
  2. Focus on your breath (10 seconds)
  3. Feel the problem subsiding almost immediately!
Don't freak out. It is real.

PayPal Tip / Donation

2 + 2 = 100 (We overdeliver.)

With our powerful services, we deliver results anywhere in the world, immediately. (Many people feel it within seconds, but even if you don't feel anything, know that the process is still working.)

We will also make sure you are well grounded for free.


Take a look at our testimonials and praise.


Service Description PayPal
Ultimate Blessing Energetically connects with your consciousness and works through all processes you're currently working on (sub)consciously. One of our most powerful services! $333

Ultimate Blessing Service

Click on the payment button, add a note, complete paying, then go do something fun.

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  • PayPal $99.99


Questions & Answers
Q: Why so many payment buttons?
A: There are 3 different ways you can pay on our site.
  • The first way is to scan or click the Venmo QR code with your phone to pay with Venmo
  • The second way is to scan or click the PayPal QR code with your phone to pay with PayPal
  • The third way is to click one of the payment buttons to pay with PayPal
Q: How long does the effect last?
A: All services take effect almost immediately and run until complete. It's up to you and your body's energy cycles, thoughts and life journey as to how long the effects last. Some people use it daily.
Q: How do I know it worked?
A: The system is programmed to respond to your subconscious intent to move through processes and completed payment. Once all conditions match it will execute and will silently send you the consciousness commands that support you and the resolution of your current processes. If you get a payment notification, it worked. You may or may not feel the shift of subtle energies, but you may notice changes in how you feel or in your life experience. Tingles, shivers and vibrations are common.
Q: Can the same issues occur again?
A: What we deliver is permanent in that point of time. It is possible for you to bring a similar issue back to your experience, but it will be a different layer for you to process.
Q: I'm not feeling a change, did I do it wrong?
A: If you followed the instructions above, you did not do it wrong. However, there may be other issues affecting your awareness. If you wish to go further and explore those issues, please use our personalized concierge service - Take Heart
Q: I have a specific thing to work on, how do I know this will pick that?
A: To work a a specific conscious issue, please use our direct intent based service - PrayPal

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